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Matt Dibb is an IT professional living and working in London, UK. Matt has a first class BSc (Hons) degree in Computer Science, and holds UK government "SC" level security clearance. Matt has a track record of working on large, complex software delivery projects in the public & military sectors, as well as experience of smaller agile projects in the financial sector.

Matt specialises in web-based development (both server-side and front end), but has shown himself to be a versatile consultant with a broad range of skills across the software delivery life cycle.


  • Server Side Java

    Experience of creating server side J2EE/JEE in complex systems integration environments
  • Desktop C#/.NET

    Experience of creating desktop tools using C#
  • Spring

    Experience of using Spring & Inversion of Control/Dependency Injection
  • Hibernate

    Experience of using Hibernate for object persistence
  • Continuous Integration

    Experience of continuous integration environments using Hudson, JUnit, Maven and Ant
  • Java MVC web frameworks

    Experience of creating websites using JSF and Spring MVC


  • HTML 5

    Experience of creating websites using HTML 5 technologies as well as legacy standards (HTML 4, XHTML 1.1 etc)
  • JavaScript & JSON

    Experience of creating and using JavaScript & JSON services; knowledge of jQuery library
  • Accessibility

    Experience of creating accessible sites complying with WCAG A-AAA


  • Android GUI apps

    Experience of creating of bespoke GUI Java Android applications
  • Android libraries

    Experience of developing multithreaded Android libraries
  • Mobile Web

    Experience of integrating "touch" into web applications
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